​​​​Pevonia Botanica is a worldwide leader in the skincare industry. The first line to establish themselves among elite professionals, Pevonia uses only safe, natural, effective ingredients.  Daniela's Skin Care is proud to work with such a renowned skincare line. We offer a variety of Pevonia products and treatments catered to your individual needs.


We have many great options and services.  Please visit us personally for our full menu.

Facial "a la Carte"
Skin analysis and consultation
This facial includes cleansing, massage, light exfoliation, professional recommendations, heat (steam or heat mask), pore extractions and finishing mask.


Signature Facial
Facial "a la Carte" with an add of a deeper exfoliation plus Enzyme ending with a nourishing concentrated Vitamin.


Teen Facial
Recommended for teenage girls & boys. Designed to balance skin along with controlling oil & breakouts.


Ultrasonic Facial
Take your facial to the next level.
Resurfacing treatment that uses water & hydrating solutions to flush out pores. The applied micro currents help to penetrate active ingredients into the skin.


Back Facial


This treatment when applied, allows a jet of natural mineral crystals (Corundum Powder) to be brushed onto the surface of the skin where it abrades dry, dead or redundant cell tissue with little or no trauma.  This is a high precision procedure which had been unattainable with other techniques.


**NEW**  Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using an implement to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and

superfluous hair (peachfuzz) to reveal a smooth bright complexion.

$60 or $45 with facial

Lip & Brow = $24
Chin = $10+
Brow wax/Tweeze = $18
Lip wax = $10
Sides of Face = $25
Underarms = $20
Half Arm = $25+
Full Arm = $45
Half Leg = $45
Full Leg = $65+
Full Back wax = $60
Full Chest wax = $60
Bikini = $35​
Sunless Spray Tan = $45

(full body)

Lash Tint = $30
Brow Tint = $25

**NEW - Lash Lift = $65